First Multiplier Event

The Conference with International Participation

“Contemporary World Challenges for the European Citizen

Within the Erasmus + strategic partnership “Searching for the Labours of Hercules”, Transylvania Technical College of Transport Cluj-Napoca organised The Conference with International Participation “Contemporary World Challenges for the European Citizen”, a multiplier event of the project, on 18th November 2016.

The conference intended to offer a communication framework for the scientific research and experiences of high school teachers and university professors, based on national and transnational cooperation. Its aim was to identify and redefine the moral profile of the European citizen from the perspective of  putting to use the cultural and mythological fundaments of European civilisation.

The sections of the conference addressed all professionals involved in primary, secondary and higher education who wish to identify new solutions and strategies that will rephrase or reform the present vision of the way in which the European citizen is historically and culturally prepared to face the challenges of the contemporary world.

Conference sections:

 Material and immaterial in preserving the mythological heritage of the European citizen. Mythological symbols and characters.

  • Values and attitudes in building a moral profile of the European citizen.
  • Removing cultural barriers in the European citizen’s education through ICT tools and New Technologies.
  • Transnational cooperation via European educational programmes.
  • The new Hercules’ labours from the viewpoint of contemporary society

No participation fee was required; it were selected 129 papers and published on a CD with ISBN 978-973-53-1877-2.

142 teachers, school directors and representatives of local community attended the conference and have heard the paper „Contemporary Approaches to the mythological hero Hercules”.

All the participants received promotional materials (flyers, Romanian version of the Travel guide)

Plenary and section activities are presented in the following film


Romanya Multiplier event

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