8 Partners from 6 Countries

Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain,

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6 Outputs

Travel Guide, E-book, Interactive Comics, Mobile Game, Data Collecting Platform, Online Open Course

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Multiplier Events

International Conference, Workshops, Meeting

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In its capacity our partnership is proposing to develop, create and manage innovative teaching and learning materials that may be used in different high schools and can be transferred to different classes and educational systems with the contribution of pupils at different partner schools. Also with the help of the open access learning platform, we will be providing the teachers to enhance their abilities of making use of innovative approaches and implement them adapting them to their own experiences.

We aim to probe into the labours of the mythological hero Hercules. The new labours will then be assigned to him, new labours focusing on the cultural, social troubles of the partner organisations that affect our European community. Our pupils will concentrate on the cultural diversity and the strategic use of the ICT tools. Moreover, we would like to enable the teaching staff of our partner organisations to learn the use of technology in their respective teaching experiences.

Supposedly the indispensable part of the mythos, the mythological tale was the ancient Greek language which is not part of the curriculum in some of the partner countries. In addition we also want to help students summon up the courage to learn enough ancient Greek to be able to understand the inscriptions on the historical sites integrating them into the online game and other outputs.

The experiences gained during the mobilities then will be used to contribute in creating the outputs of the project such as the online game, an interactive comic prepared with the ICT tools and a thematical travel-guide of the trips of Hercules etc. We also want to help the pupils to give enough value to the diversity of cultures, historical places, and to the idea of common European citizenship. We will carry out the partnership through an etwinning project to help students to acquire knowledge of web 2.0 tools and to strengthen interaction between partners.

All in all we  would like  to increase the  quality of education and improve  the capacity of our organisations by promoting the use of the outcomes we will produce during our project and  by taking up  innovative practices in education to  make  more modern, dynamic  and professional innovative environment  inside our organisations.

Moreover, we want to enable pupils to promote greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity with the increased competence level of foreign languages and ICT tools and we would like to validate the participants’ recognition and abilities through the European reference tool Europass.